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Glanmire Childcare

We offer full and part time hours for your child, including morning and afternoon sessions. 

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Glanmire Childcare is a friendly, modern crèche where our top priority is ensuring all children we care for are happy and healthy.

We aim to foster an environment in which children can make friends, learn new skills, feel secure and enjoying playing in an atmosphere resembling a ‘home away from home’, whilst supported by our kind and caring staff members at all times.

A friendly atmosphere is essential to our crèche. We create this atmosphere by fostering warm, caring relationships between staff members and children in their care. Our priority is the development of your child; whether it is emotionally, socially or physically. Our team all act as role models and recognise that children learn by example and are always learning through observation. We demonstrate mutual respect, encouragement and patience at all times our crèche.

All Best Creche Group

Best Crèche Group is a collective of professional Crèches that offer parents the very highest standard of childcare. The best creche group, strive to create a friendly, welcoming and homely environment for children.

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