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For additional information on any of our crèches, get in contact with the respective crèche today.

Best Crèche Group

Bellview Woods Childcare

Established in 2003, Bellview Woods Childcare continues to set the standard in professional childcare. The facility is fitted with modern equipment and play areas.

Best Crèche Group

Clonmel Childcare

Considered one of Clonmel’s premier childcare facilities, Clonmel Childcare's high standards are reflected in their modern facilities and the standard of their highly trained staff.

Our Sister Crèches

Best Crèche Group

Model Farm Road Childcare

Built in a modern and truly unique building, Model Farm Road joined Glanmire Childcare in September 2006. Model Farm Road has built a reputation for excellence in professional childcare.

Best Crèche Group

Feale Childcare

A beautiful welcoming facility, Feale Childcare remains one of Kerry’s best crèches. The high standard of their facilities is matched by their committed and long-term staff.

Best Crèche Group

Shanakiel Childcare

One of Glanmire Childcare’s newest members, Shanakiel Childcare has established itself as a quality childcare facility. Shanakiel Childcare combines contemporary facilities with a highly trained team of enthusiastic and passionate staff.

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